Bringing Your Ideas to Life

My curtain and blind making services start with you

Put the kettle on! Whether you want to completely change the atmosphere in your home or just add a few fresh new touches, my end-to-end bespoke and flexible approach starts with a home visit and chat. Give me a call and we’ll arrange a good time for me to pop round.

Over a cuppa we’ll discuss what you want to achieve for each of the windows you want to dress. We’ll talk curtains vs blinds and which linings are most appropriate depending on the effect you’re looking for. We’ll discuss colour schemes, patterns and designs. We’ll also cover what fittings and other accessories (e.g. valances, swags, pelmets, tiebacks etc) will work best. While I’m there I’ll measure up so that I can get a good idea of the amount of fabric required and how long it will take me to produce the finished products.


The choice of fabric is entirely up to you and I will help you choose the most suitable one that also fits in with the look you’re going for. We can discuss the latest trends, colours and patterns and how they might work for you. I can source the fabric and everything else for you or you can source your own, in which case I’ll tell you how much you’ll need.

Or if you already have fabric or old curtains we can look at creating brand new window dressings from them, or other soft furnishings such as cushion covers. I’ve repurposed curtains for several clients and it’s a great way of saving you money plus it keeps old but still perfectly serviceable fabric out of landfill. This option works well if, for instance, you’ve just moved home and have brought your old curtains with you.

We will also look at the range of different headers and pleats, and you might be surprised at how many different ways you can pleat and head a curtain! There are single, double and triple pinch pleats, inverted pleats, cartridge pleats, box pleats, goblet pleats. There are eyelets, tab-tops, rings and hooks. The ultimate choice will depend on how you want the finished product to hang but don’t worry, I’ll guide you through all the alternatives and we’ll select the most suitable option.

A selection of fabrics


A selection of linings

We’ll talk about what kind of lining is appropriate – if any. Unlined curtains and blinds are a good option if you want to let lots of light through the window all year round, or if the room is small and you want to create a sense of space.

Most people opt for a lining of some kind, and we can review which one will work best. For example interlining is a soft fabric that’s sewn in between the curtain fabric and the lining and it’s designed to keep out drafts. Plus it gives your curtains a more luxurious feel and keeps them looking good for longer. Blackout and thermal linings contain a backing made up of several fine layers of foam. These are a good option if you need to block out sunlight or streetlights, plus they can reduce your energy bills and muffle noises from outside.


There are many ways to “dress up” your new curtains so we’ll take a look at what kind of accessories would work best. For example, I can make matching swags and tails, pelmets and tiebacks. Or you might decide to use holdbacks (pictured here) in which case we’ll choose ones that match the curtains and hardware.

A holdback


Curtain pole

Finally we’ll also need to discuss how the curtains or blinds are going to be fixed in place. This is a vital part of the process and shouldn’t be overlooked. You may already have fixtures in place so we’ll talk about how they can be used to hang your new curtains and blinds to best effect.

If you need new fittings than we can look at the options available such as tracks, poles or rods. With new blinds you can choose from a “face fix” (where you fit the brackets outside the window recess so that the blind overlaps the wall) or a “top fix” (which is where the binds sits within the window recess). Plus there are options for manual blind operation or motorised – open and close your blinds at the push of a button!

An accurate quote for your soft furnishings

After my visit I’ll provide you with an accurate and honest quote for the whole job and give you an idea of timescales. I provide quotes for free and completely without any obligation on your part. I’ll then leave you alone to think over your options. All it will then take is a quick call from you with the go-ahead, and to finalise the details. Then you’re on your way to having beautiful handmade curtains or blinds in your home!

An example quote

Hanging your new curtains or fitting your new blinds

A dressed curtain after hanging

In order to ensure your curtains and blinds fit correctly it’s important for the poles or brackets to be installed before I make your finished items. Often my clients are happy to install their fittings themselves, in which case I’ll give guidance of correct positioning and installation techniques. If however you’d prefer not to DIY, I can recommend a fitter who will install your hardware.

Once the fittings are up, I’ll come back to measure the final drops to ensure your curtains/blinds hang exactly where you want them.

I provide a true end-to-end personalised approach because I want you to be able to enjoy the finished result and love them for years to come. And a big part of my service is to hang your new curtains and blinds for you. I love this part because it means you get expertly hung curtains, with all the folds and pleats in the right place, and I get to see the results of my craftmanship in situ.

Then we can both step back to admire them, and maybe have another cuppa to celebrate!

To find out how bespoke curtains and blinds can transform your home I’m happy to have that initial chat with you any time. Please get in touch.